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Tips for Domain Sellers

Our domain experts have put together a number of tips to improve your chances of selling your domain names.

Tip 1 - List with ImpressiveDomains
We maintain one of the web's best inventory of domain names available for sale. Our large traffic volume means that your domain name is visible to a wide targeted audience globally. ImpressiveDomains also maintains personal relationships with a vast network of domain investors, giving your premium domain name the attention that it deserves.

List your domain name with ImpressiveDomains today!

Tip 2 - Feature Your Domain Name on the ImpressiveDomains Home Page
Get your domain name noticed! Feature your domain name on our home page. Domain names listed on the ImpressiveDomains home page get up to 5 times more page views than the rest of our offerings.

Make your domain name the first one that a buyer sees. Find out how you can feature your domain on our home page.

Tip 3 - Create a Web Page for your Domain Name
This is often the most overlooked aspect of selling a domain name. Most domain registrars offer free parking (a free HTML page without paying any web hosting fees) for domain names. Take advantage of this offering and create an HTML page to advertise the sale of your domain name.

ImpressiveDomains can also design a customized professional looking HTML page for you at a very low cost.

Tip 4 - Promote your Domain Name
Submit the URL of each domain name in your portfolio to all the major search engines and start driving search traffic to your parked page!

Link your page to ImpressiveDomains. We are one of the best domain brokers in the industry, and have built a solid reputation around our business practice, excellent customer service and technical expertise. Bridge your web page to our site and let buyers make offers directly through our customized interface.

Our experience shows that your domain names will be sold 5 times faster if you promote them by linking to our site. Find out how to link your domain name with us.

Tip 5 - Price your Domain Name Appropriately
Setting a fair asking price for your domain name is one of the top criteria in determining whether your domain will generate bids or not. Too often, sellers tend to over-price their domains, hoping to "cash" in - when in fact, it completely turns potential buyers off.

When putting up a web domain name for sale, it is critical to specify a valid asking price that reflects fair market value. Our experience shows that domains listed as "Make Offer" without a price specified seldom sell - as a result we do not offer it as a pricing option.

In order to maximize the revenue potential of your premium domain name, it is a good idea to order ImpressiveDomain's domain name appraisal to determine the current market value of your domain.

Tip 6 - Update your WHOIS Information for your Domain
The ownership information of every web domain name is published in a public WHOIS database. You should have access to the WHOIS record for your domain through your registrar.

Be sure to update your WHOIS information to reflect the fact that your domain name is for sale. For example, you could update the "company" or "contact" information in the admin section of the domain to read "This domain is for sale at".


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