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Domain Name Appraisals

An accurate domain name appraisal is a critical first step for sellers and buyers alike. For a small fee, you can obtain the latest market value of a domain name from our experts.

If you are a buyer, ordering a domain appraisal could potentially save you thousands before you make an offer for a web domain name.

For sellers, our professional domain name appraisal service may make the difference between making a great sale, turning buyers off by setting the asking price of your web domain name too high, or not maximizing the true potential of your domain by setting your price too low.

Order our domain name appraisal service - our domain appraisals provide the best value for money proposition in the industry

Our Proprietary Domain Appraisal Methodology
ImpressiveDomains has developed a proprietary in-house domain name appraisal methodology to provide the best and most accurate appraisals in the industry.

Our appraisers are experts in the domain industry and will provide you with crucial intelligence to make an informed decision, whether your are buying a domain name or have premium web domains for sale. A domain name is a valuable asset, and may prove to be a great investment - getting it professionally appraised is the first step in the domain game.

All appraisals follow our standard methodology, combining custom home-grown tools, market and industry experience, and a thorough review process. We factor in a mix of important qualitative and quantitative factors to give you a personalized estimate of the domain name's value, like:
   thorough traffic analysis for your domain
 value of recent global sales of comparative domains
 marketability of the domain name
 branding and traffic potential
 trademark and patent infringement analysis


Domain Appraisal Value Proposition
How much is your domain name worth? At ImpressiveDomains, we believe that an expert evaluation of the value of your domain name is a critical step for buyers and sellers to negotiate a fair market price. A $15 professional domain name appraisal could save you thousands if you're a buyer, or make you thousands (or more!) if you're a seller.

There are a number of free appraisal services available on the web. Before you sign up for one of those, be sure to remember a key rule: nothing is free in this world! Moreover, such services probably won't offer the same level of accuracy on the true market value of a domain name. The domain aftermarket is a serious business - don't leave a potential huge investment to chance.

ImpressiveDomains is a trusted brand in the domain market, and we firmly believe that a professional domain appraisal service depends on both industry experience and as well as expertise. We have personal relationships with a wide network of domain investors, and have put together a "best of breed" approach in determining domain valuations similar to what the pros do.

ImpressiveDomains' pricing for a domain appraisal is by far the best value-for-money proposition available in the industry. Some of our competitors charge inflated appraisal fees, while others use gimmicks such as issuing a nicely designed "domain name appraisal certificate". ImpressiveDomains does not believe in "standard" or "premium" appraisal packages - we do all of our appraisals in a thorough and standard manner, appying all the key factors commonly used by domain experts in determining valuations and performing the same level of analysis and research on your domain.

Most appraisers use a generic tool to formulate a value for your domain based on a series of generic criteria - such appraisals have the appeal of being "fast" (even in real time!), or cheap. However, most are way off the mark. We believe that no software package can be a substitute for real world experience. The domain name is no gambling matter - be sure to order a reliable appraisal from ImpressiveDomains.

All of our appraisals are done manually. The various attributes of your domain name are thoroughly researched, and the appraised value is then seeded with recent sales so your valuation reflects actual market value - and not out of date prices from the dot-com boom. Unlike other services available, we don't arbitrarily inflate your domain name appraisals to please you as a seller. Our professional domain appraisal service is reliable and on the money. We do not simply provide you with a number - our appraisals are designed so you learn about what makes a domain name valuable. This knowledge can, in turn, help you choose for valuable domains in the future!

At $15 per domain name appraisal, what we offer to our customers is considerably better than most of our competitors. We receive a huge volume of appraisal requests per month, allowing us to pass our savings directly down to you.

We send you a personalized assessment of your domain's value via email within 5 business days.

Order our domain name appraisal service - our domain appraisals provide the best value for money proposition in the industry

Frequent Asked Questions About Domain Appraisals
Should I get a domain name appraised if I am a seller?
As a seller, it is critical to get your domain name appraised. A domain name is an asset, much like a piece of "real estate" on the internet. Once a domain name is registered, it is theoretically "taken" forever, unless the owner fails to renew the registration. The domain market has been on an upswing for the past year - many investors have re-entered the market and are agressively buying key names to build up their portfolio. As a seller, you ought to treat your domain name as an asset - afterall, if you registered a name from an investment standpoint, there must be "some" potential, right? The surest way to find out what the market will bear for your domain is to order our professional domain name appraisal service. Don't overvalue or undervalue your domain - an appraisal can potentially save you thousands!

Should I get a domain name appraised if I am a buyer?
If you have missed out on registering your perfect domain name, you may be in the market to purchase one from an existing owner. If that is the case, it is highly advisable to order our appraisal service to determine what you should pay for the domain name - as opposed to tailoring your offer based on the seller's asking price. Most sellers fail to properly appraise their domain names and instead set arbitrarily high prices for them. In order to avoid overpaying for a name, it is highly advisable to get an appraisal first.

I am not a buyer nor a seller. Should I get my domain name appraised?
If you are a small business and own a domain name, you may want to get the domain appraised to better value your company's assets. As an investor, you may also want to get your domain portfolio appraised from time to time for planning purposes.

What methods do appraisal companies use to come up with their valuations?
Those who perform free domain name appraisals either use an off-the-shelf software package or make wild guesses about the value of a domain. Software packages use very generic criteria to evaluate a domain - and are typically way off the mark. Most companies use a formulaic approach and take into account between five and fifteen factors in order to derive at an eventual evaluation. They separate "standard" appraisals from "premium" ones - the latter being obviously more expensive. ImpressiveDomains uses its own proprietary methodology for all domain name appraisals. Our factors include, but are not restricted to, name length, extension, search engine traffic potential, advertiser bid potential, brandablity, marketability, trademarks, target market, commercial potential, word popularity, etc. We then seed the appraised value with the sale prices of similar names. Our appraisals are done manually, and undergo a throrough research and analysis lifecycle.

Should I get more than one appraisal for a domain?
The obvious answer is "yes" - however, given that some companies may use software tools or rely on human intuition to derive their valuations, you may end up with appraisals that cover a very wide price range. This may actually not be helpful at all in the end! It's always best to obtain appraisals from a company who is highly respected in the industry. ImpressiveDomains has established itself as a leader in the domain aftermarket, and our expertise in this space means that our professional appraisals are not only reliable, but consistent.

How much do professional appraisals typically cost?
Some are free, while others are overpriced at $75 a pop (or more!). An important rule to remember is that nothing is free in this world - free appraisals are most likely a random guess, and are worthless. A more expensive domain name appraisal isn't necessarily better either. Always be sure to go with a trusted company when you need your domain appraised. ImpressiveDomains performs a large number of appraisals weekly - we're able to pass down our savings directly to you as a result. For $15, you get a manual appraisal where our experts perform thorough analysis and research on your domain.

How do I know if a company perfoming an appraisal is reputable?
The domain appraisal industry is a booming business. Most companies will claim that they're the "best", "most reputable" or provide the "most accurate" appraisals. We believe that companies who are merely in business to provide appraisals actually miss out on a lot of key data points to assess their domain valuations with. ImpressiveDomains is first and foremost a domain brokerage company - we are in the domain resale business and have done thousands of appraisals. Our focus on premium domain names has enabled us to build trusted partnerships with a number of major domain investors - individuals and companies who have an impressive portfolio of names, and who are continually acquiring new domains. We have been able to gather significant intelligence through such broader experience in the domain market. Our staff comprises marketing experts, savvy and successful internet visionaries, and individuals with significant linguistic and cognitive science skills. Our expertise, experience and stellar customer service have been the key ingredients to our reputation and to our success.

How long do appraisals take to complete?
Companies using software packages can spit out an appraisal in minutes. Other companies may take up to 7-10 days for a domain name appraisal. ImpressiveDomains strives to deliver appraisals as quickly as possible. We have a dedicated team who do nothing but appraisals in our company. Domain appraisals are processed on a first-come first-served basis. Although we do our best to complete an appraisal as quickly as possible, some take up to 5 days to produce. Please bear in mind that our appraisals are done manually, and go through a thorough life cycle. We also receive a very large number of appraisal requests weekly, so our turnaround time depends entirely on the number of requests in our queue.

How are domain appraisals delivered?
Some companies use gimmicks such as custom designed "appraisal certificates". Most appraisals are delivered by e-mail. Others will post a password-protected appraisal on their web site. ImpressiveDomains emails appraisals to its customers within 5 business days. We believe in keeping our costs down, so you get the best value for money for your appraisals.

Order our domain name appraisal service - our domain appraisals provide the best value for money proposition in the industry

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