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Our Escrow Service

ImpressiveDomains' 100% reliable and secure Escrow Service is included in our commission fee all domains purchased through our marketplace.

Our commission structure is as follows:

  The higher of 10% of the sales price, or US$50 for all domains.

Escrow fees are charged to the seller.

The benefits of the Escrow Service are as follows:

  A secure and reliable third-party intermediary to ensure that both the domain ownership transfer to the buyer and the payment to the seller is effected.
  Expert assistance with the technical transfer, to avoid loss of the domain through fraud or technical error.
  Customized Purchase and Sales Agreements to provide legal protection to both the buyer and the seller.
  Peace of mind that ImpressiveDomains will handle all the logistics of the transfer process on your behalf.

The Domain Escrow Process
Once a seller has accepted an offer, ImpressiveDomains will act as a trusted third party to handle the exchange of funds and the domain name registration transfer. An account manager will contact both parties to start the process.
  ImpressiveDomains will draw up a customized Purchase and Sales Agreement for the buyer and the seller to sign, thereby providing legal protection to both parties involved.
  The buyer will get up to 5 business days to wire the funds into an ImpressiveDomains escrow account.
  ImpressiveDomains will confirm the receipt of funds to the seller, and submit the transfer request to the Registrar of record. The Registrar will begin their regular transfer process - this process will vary by registrar. However, since ImpressiveDomains maintains personal relationships will all major registrars in the industry, we guarantee a smooth and quick transfer, minimizing any risk of losing the domain name through fraud or technical error.
  Once the Registrar completes the transfer and the new Registrant shows in the public WhoIs database, ImpressiveDomains will disburse the sale price, minus the transaction fee, to the seller. This concludes the transfer process.
ImpressiveDomains in the business of providing a safe and secure market place to assist in the transfer of domain names between parties. Neither the seller or buyer involved in the transaction has to worry about the technical aspects of the deal - we will take care of the logistics.

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