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Buyer's Guide to Domain Names

Purchasing a domain name that suits your business or investment needs is easy as 1-2-3:

    1. Find your perfect domain
    2. Negotiate a price with the seller
    3. Transfer ownership of the domain name to you

1. Find your perfect domain
ImpressiveDomains has one of the best lists of premium domain names available for sale in the industry. These are web domains that have already been registered, but are put up for sale by the current registrants. If you are searching for a perfect domain for your business or are thinking about investing in one, these domain names may present the perfect opportunity that you've been looking for.

The first step in finding your domain name is to check its availability through a domain registrar. Though unlikely, there may still be some stellar domains that remain unregistered!

Chances are, most meaningful and valuable domain names have already been taken. However, a good number of premium domains make it back to our marketplace. Browse our domain categories to locate a name that suits your needs.

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Please read our Domain Name FAQ for answers to these common questions.

2. Negotiate a price with the seller
ImpressiveDomains can help seal the deal for you! Our experienced sales team are experts in the domain transfer arena, and will intervene on your behalf to get you the web domain name that you want.

Simply make an offer on the domain name that you are interested in, and let us work for you. We will handle the negotiation between the seller and you, and take care of the domain name transfer once your offer has been accepted.

Not sure how much you should offer for a domain name? Order a domain appraisal today and ensure that you only pay fair market value for your perfect domain.

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Please read our Domain Name FAQ for answers to these common questions.

3. Transfer ownership of the domain name to you
Once your offer has been accepted by the seller, ImpressiveDomains will handle the entire domain name transfer and escrow process. We provide a secure way to handle all aspects of the transfer process, giving both you and the seller peace of mind.

Loss of domain names through fraud or technical complexities and errors is possible during a transfer. ImpressiveDomains has a lot of experience in domain name transfers, having dealt with a vast number of registrars globally. We maintain personal relationships with most leading registrars in the industry, and maintain a 100% successful transfer record. Our service is vital in ensuring that you get the domain name that you want, while making sure that the seller gets paid.

Find out about our escrow service today!

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Please read our Domain Name FAQ for answers to these common questions.

Have additional questions?
Please check out our Domain Name FAQ. We've compiled a comprehensive list of answers for buyers and sellers.


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